Titanfall 2 Review: Together Will be Better

For this time this article makes a writing about titanfall 2 review, PS4 multiplayer games. So, firstly hear “Titanfall,” what do You think about this?  Do You think about the titan falling from the wall? Maybe, “Yes” or “No.” 

So, titanfall 2 is a game with first-person shooter (FPS). This FPS game is so fresh and different from others. This game is not about the “Titan,” but this game is so excellent to play with your friends, familys, or special person. So, do not be late to play best PS4 multiplayer games

This game is carrying abou titan robotics with FPS mechanisme acrobat skills. So, with this formula can the titanfall 2 survive until the future? In this article You are not far from the titanfall 2 review. 



Before You play this game because titanfall 2 review, You must know about the plots of this game. 

The plot of titanfall 2 it’s so simple, because this game is about a titan and footsoldier in the Frontier. The titan and footsoldier thrown together to take care of world reconciliation. This is such an amazing game, but this story plots likes monotone. 

But, if You need to play PS4 multiplayer games do not be late. Because, the advantages of this game are more. You can feel better when playing it, because always remember the titanfall 2 review. 


So, why is titanfall 2 worth it? Because any more reason You can consider it! This is all reason for You to playing the titanfall 2, PS4 multiplayer games, as follow as: 

Human and machine 

Why must your duties try this game? Because, in here focus on humans and machines. Although this plot game looks monotone and simple, these two elements (humans and machines) make this game so unique. You can see the relationship between BT and Jake deeply. 

The focus on humans and machines relation, very rare to find in PS4 multiplayer games. So, You must have it. 

You must know to finish this game, You need 6 hours in campaign single player. But, this is different when You choose multiplayer games. 

In here, Jake is seen fighting as a soldier even with a relaxed appearance. Compared to upside down with BT, BT likes a no expression machine. But, the both characteristics can make You fun and happy playing this game, with single player or multiplayers. 

Easy to move 

Why is titanfall 2 worth it? Because, this game can make you easy to move. So, You must know that titanfall 2 is a FPS game without generic. Because of this, the titanfall 2 has fast combat. You can move so fast, with acrobat. 

Several acrobat movements, like double jump, slide, and wall run. You can move so fast with an acrobat and several shots to all enemies around You. Wows, this is the best moment for You accompanied with BT. In this game, You can see all realistic action. That’s sound goods. 

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Familiar weapons 

So, in this game more weapons You can use. Let alone, this game carries sci-fi genres. It’s so amazing.  But, You must know this weapon is not deeply different from all weapons in FPS games. Do not be late to try PS4 multiplayer games. 

Here, You can see weapons like shotguns, grenade launchers, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. All weapons look familiar, You can find them in this game. The difference is look at accessories and futuristic technology.  That’s cold, You can play with all weapons in the game. 

You can use all the weapons with your partner game now. How can You enjoy and be funny together with the partner games? 

The war between giants 

The fantastic thing in this PS4 multiplayer games is the war of giants. Now, You can find the titan who attacks You when You drive a BT robot. BT as a titan robot, then BT equipped with heavy weapons and has high damage destroyed power when hitting an opponent. 

When you entered the cockpit BT robot. This is time to enjoy the experience. You feel better fromfthan before, it’s like a fresh moment in games. You can see the animation when You enter the titan robot, it was beautiful. Do not be late to play all PS4 multiplayer games. 

Fighting together it’s fun 

This is for You. This game is the best for multiplayer modes. The new modes play is bounty hount. 

In this bounty hount, You and team have to spend all enemies. Not only that, all teams can beat NPC to get more coins. How fun is it? In fact, this game has a mode others. The modes like attrition, deathmatch, etc. 

Although this multiplayer game is limited, these things make the game very balanced. So, do not be late to try it now guys! PS4 multiplayer games always give You a something new on the console in the game world. 


Yes, this information is for You. You can get more information about the titanfall 2 review game details, as follow as: 

  • Development : Respawn Entertainment
  • Publisher : Electronic Arts 
  • Platform : PlayStation 4 
  • Released date : October 28, 2016
  • Price : USD $20.16 
  • Links : PlayStation