Terms of Live Casino Site

What are the Terms of Live Casino Site

Terms of Live Casino – When accessing a live casino site, you will get various terms that appear, whether it is related to betting or the process of playing. Some of the new players may be very foreign. Therefore it is very important to learn what the term live online sites are.

Well, to help friends already have enough knowledge before playing, on this occasion the admin will discuss what terms and their meanings are. Therefore, do not move from this article until you read it in its entirety so that your knowledge is more complete before looking for income by playing online casino gambling.

What are the Terms of Live Casino Site

There are some general terms that are often displayed on a live casino site or you often hear from players. Below we will only describe a few of the most frequently heard, because in fact there are so many terms that cannot be explained in one article. What are the terms of a live casino site that are commonly found in live casino gambling.

What are the Terms of Live Casino Site
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First is the dealer. This term refers to a person assigned by the website agen judi togel admin to guide the course of the game. In some types of games, this dealer will also act as a bet opponent and payer of winning prizes. But there are some casino games where the dealer’s job is only as a guide. For example in online poker games, where the dealer is in charge of distributing cards.

Second is betting. This term is the same as betting. In this case the amount of money you use in a game. If you make a bet, it is natural that your balance will decrease. But then the balance can be even more if you win the bet.

Third is the deposit. This is the term players deposit funds. In this case the player sends money to the bookie’s account and it will be returned as capital. Related to this is the term chip, which applies as a betting medium in the game. Even though the bet uses real money, it is in the form of a chip, where this chip can be withdrawn into real money.

Fourth is withdrawal. This is a balance disbursement process. The casino agent will send money to your account if you request a withdrawal. The condition is that you must have a balance with a certain minimum limit so that the money can be disbursed by the dealer and sent to your account.

What Are the Terms of Live Casino Sites For Bonuses

Live casino sites also use several terms for giving bonuses. Such as a new member bonus as a free chip gift for account registrants that will be received after the first deposit.

Another bonus is cashback prizes. This is a kind of refund from the agent if you lose a certain amount in one week. Related to this is the term turnover, which means you make a deposit of a certain amount and lose a certain amount.

There is also a referral bonus which shows that you are promoting the site to other people. / Dy

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