Portrait of Online Gambling Now

Portrait of Online Gambling Now

Online Gambling Now – If someone occasionally plays gambling, there is nothing wrong. As long as playing gambling is not excessive because it will harm yourself and others. Online gambling now is getting more and more crowded to develop into online gambling. For example, lottery,, poker, bacarrat, roulette, qiuqiu, and slots.

Basically playing gambling games also has a positive side, namely sharpening the brain. But many people fall into this game and cause harm to themselves.

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online gambling now

Online Gambling Now

A housing estate of Mandala Residence, Bogor, West Java, has gone viral in cyberspace. The reason is because it is close to a small commercial area in the form of a shop-house, which was recently raided by the police team. There are 2 shophouse buildings that actually practice online gambling. The turnover obtained from the gambling business there is very unexpected, reaching billions of rupiah.

It turned out that the gambling was carried out by an international gambling company. Finally, the office that was used as an online gambling place was sealed by the police. In addition, an online gambling site admin with the initials FE (28 years old) was taken to the police station for further questioning.

Through a number of questions posed by the police, it was found that FE is the admin of an online gambling network from Manila, Philippines. FE admitted that initially he did not intend to work as an online gambling admin. Instead, he applied for a job as an information technology (IT) expert at an IT company in the Sudirman area, Jakarta.

After conducting the interview process, FE was suddenly escorted to Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR), West Java. Without knowing what company will actually recruit him. There FE was offered a job position as an admin with a basic salary of Rp. 4 million. Not including bonuses, food allowance, and transportation money.

Initially the company said it was engaged in online games. However, after 1 month of work, FE just found out that the company controls online gambling directly from the Philippines.

Negative Impacts of Playing Online Gambling Now

After playing gambling too often, usually someone will feel the following effects.

1. Depression

Gambling players use money as a bet. Generally, the betting capital is not small, namely large amounts such as millions of Rupiah. Just imagine if you lose you will feel stressed, depressed, anxious, afraid, and depressed.

It is common knowledge that any amount of money in gambling capital will run out in minutes if you lose. Finally, the capital money that has been accumulated must disappear in a matter of minutes. The impact will disrupt concentration and focus of the mind.

2. Theft of Personal Data

When participating in online gambling, be wary of theft of personal data. Moreover, online gambling sites are able to record data such as names, phone numbers, emails, account numbers, and other information.

3. 18+ Content

On online gambling sites usually display pornographic content. The goal is to attract the attention of internet users who visit the site. Pornographic content can be in the form of photos, videos, to pornographic advertisements.

4. Suicide Case

Many suicides occur because someone is frustrated in playing gambling. Moreover, if you often lose in gambling, it will result in the property being sold out and in debt. From here arises a feeling of depression that makes the urge to end life.

5. Virus

Online gambling sites can also spread viruses and malware to electronic devices. Because these sites are accessed by many people. So, it is not surprising to become a target for digital criminals. / Dy

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