What is Pay and Play Casino and How does it Work?

Pay and Play Casino
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Players who regularly take a gamble in an online casino are now used to its verification process. This is not a complicated process in itself, but if you want to take a quick gamble without fuss or you are waiting for a payout that does not come through because you are not yet verified, this can become an obstacle.

The payment provider Trustly has come up with something for this and that is the Pay and Play casino formula. They also call it ‘Play without delay’. The big advantage of this is that you no longer have to register yourself and therefore no longer need to verify.

What are Pay and Play Casino?

In regular casinos you need to register first in order to deposit and play. For this you have to enter your username, password and other details. After your registration has been verified, you can log in and get access to the online casino. 

At a casino without registration, this registration process is no longer necessary and you can start playing right away. Authentication is quick and easy using your own online bank ID. So you don’t have to remember a separate username and password.

Registration is not required in Pay and Play casino, even if you are playing for the first time. 

Transactions usually happen throughTrustly. This is a financial services provider based in Sweden. Trustly use your bank details as ID so you don’t have to register anymore. You can find this casino sites on internet easily by just using most common gambling related keywords such as situs slot online Pay and Play, The Pay and Play Casinos etc.

How Pay n Play Casinos Works

If you make a first deposit at a casino without registration, Trustly creates a link with your bank account and has access to the corresponding KYC data. This information is sent by Trustly to the casino in question and a casino account is then created for you in the background. 

In the beginning it looks like you don’t have an account, because you don’t have to create one yourself. But the casino in question will indeed create an account for you. The only advantage is that you don’t have to do anything for this yourself.

Registration at a Pay and Play Casino

In a Pay and Play Casino you can easily register by making a deposit. So you don’t have to register like in traditional online casinos. This means that you do not have to enter any personal information.

Depositing in a Pay and Pay Casino

Depositing in a Pay and Play casino is usually done with Trustly. Trustly is the party that operates between the casino and your bank. So your bank works together with Trustly and the transaction is processed in no time. After processing your payment, you are registered and you can start playing at the casino without registration.

Cash out in a Pay and Play Casino

Leaving money payout in a casino without registration is also very easy. Simply go to the online casino cashier and select ‘Trustly’ to withdraw the money. The money is then transferred directly to your bank account.

Transaction Fees and Limits Pay and Play Casino

Pay and Play Casino generally does not charge transaction fees for depositing and withdrawing money. In addition, your deposit and withdrawal are processed immediately through reliable payment providers such as Trustly. 

However, if you want to deposit or withdraw money above a certain amount, costs may be charged. The limits and fees vary from casino to casino.

Pay and Play Casino :  Reliability and Security 

Playing at a Pay and Play Casino is very safe. All transactions and verifications are done through an approved payment provider. Trustly facilitates online payments from millions of users around the world. 

Pay and Play casinos use BankID to authenticate their users. This service makes the verification process much easier. 

Players using BankID do not need to share their personal information to access the online casino. BankID works with Trustly to make the process safe and fast.

Pay and Play Casino Bonuses

The bonuses are equivalent to the bonuses offered in traditional online casinos. Usually in Pay and Play casino, however, not so many bonuses can be found. Often you can claim a welcome bonus or a registration bonus or you may get some free spins as a gift with your first deposit.

The bonus conditions are usually a lot more favorable. Some Pay and Play casinos have low wagering requirements and with some bonuses you don’t even have to take wagering requirements into account. The size of the bonuses are usually a bit more limited in Pay and Play casinos. 

Pay and Play Casino Variants

There are different variants of Pay and Play Casino. So you have pure, guest hybrid and hybrid models. We explain them further below.

1. Pure Pay and Play

Pure Pay and Play casinos are casinos where you can only deposit using Trustly. After your first deposit with Trustly you are immediately registered at the casino. With the ‘Pure’ method you use the “Resuming Play” function. When you return to the casino, you will be recognized after making another deposit. 

So even if you log out, you can log in again without any problems and your money is still available in your account. Most casinos without registration are pure Pay and Play casinos.

2. Guest Hybrid Model

Guest hybrid casinos are a cross between a traditional casino and a Pay n Play casino. So you can play there without registration with Trustly or you can also pay via another payment option that is offered. If you choose one of the other payment methods, you must first complete a registration form.

3. Hybrid Model

If you opt for a hybrid model, you can register quickly via Trustly via quick registration. You register by making a deposit, but you also have to enter your username and password. However, you do not have to fill in a standard registration form with all kinds of personal information. 

All you need to provide is your username and password. The other details are not necessary as the process is handled via Trustly quick registration.

Players often experience having to log in as a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can use multiple payment methods.

Pay and Play Casino Apps and Mobile Usage

Pay and Play casinos can be easily opened on mobile devices. They are specially designed to function perfectly on smartphones and tablets. It is not necessary to have a casino app download because Pay and Play casinos are optimized for mobile devices. 

However, some Pay and Play casinos also offer an app that you can install on your device. In addition, Pay and Play casinos are very user-friendly. You will find clear menus and the games are divided into categories so that you always keep an overview. Navigating is very easy via your mobile device as no unnecessary buttons are displayed. You don’t have to scroll down all the time as Pay and Play casinos have advanced search help features.

Pay and Play Casino Games

You can play countless casino games in Pay and Play casinos. The offer is about as extensive and diverse as in a regular online casino. Pay and Play casinos offer a wide variety of slots, video poker, table games and live dealer games.

Pay and Play Casino Slots

Play and Play Casino Slots Come in all shapes and sizes. Just like in standard online casinos, you get to choose from hundreds and sometimes thousands of online slots from various leading software providers. So you can get the latest slots fromMicrogaming, Playtech and Pragmatic Play. 

There are also various jackpot slots available with which you can win large amounts. You can quickly find the slots of your choice via the search function.

Pay and Play Casino Live

In the Pay and Play Live casino you can enjoy dozens of live games hosted by professional croupiers. Via a live video connection you can participate in the various live table games and live shows that are offered. For example, choose live Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em. 

The tension is always high in the live casino because you interact with the dealer and the other participants in real time.