Knockout Football Rush Slot Review: RTP 96.80% (Habanero)

Knockout Football Rush Slot Review

Are you searching for the Knockout Football Rush slot review? This Habanero’s slot is the company’s second game in this series, following the release of their first football-themed game in 2018. 

With a smaller game area, higher volatility, and large payouts, it appears to be the kind of slot that people can enjoy these days.

Best of Knockout Football Rush Slot Review

Knockout Football Rush is a 3×3 reel slot with a system that pays out on either vertical or horizontal lines. It will also have a high level of volatility, but this will be offset by wins of up to 14,400 times the stake. 

It does so by using wilds with up to 60x multipliers. RTP varies, and casinos can choose from four different levels, but I’d expect to see 96.80% at most respectable Habanero casinos.

1. Betting Options

When compared to other developers’ slots, placing a bet is a little more difficult, but not by much. Simply mix and match the 1 to 10 coins per line, ranging in value from $0.01 to $10. This gives you a betting range of $0.10 to $2,000 per spin.

In a slot machine with only three reels, a top jackpot of 14,400x the stake is fantastic. Although the number of lines and wins are limited, this kind of reward is possible with enough wilds and multipliers. 

As a high-paying slot machine, it’s only natural that it also has a high level of volatility. It’s exactly what you get in Knockout Football Rush, but you can also count on it having a high RTP of 96.80%.

2. Game Features

First, a word about how the game determines its winners. It necessitates the use of matching symbols on either vertical or horizontal lines. This is for a 3×3 symbol game area.

The wild symbol, which can only appear on the third row from the bottom, will be the main feature. The wild becomes sticky as a result of this, and it moves upwards one place for every round it is visible. 

In addition in Knockout Football Rush slot review to the help it provides as a substitute, the number of wilds visible at the same time determines a multiplier that can be applied to all of the round’s wins. 

The multiplier is 2x with 3 to 5 wilds. The multiplier is 4x when there are 6 to 8 wilds visible. The multiplier for all wins is 60x if you have wilds in all nine positions. Random penalty kicks are also possible, and if they occur, they can result in payouts of up to 60 times the stake.

3. Theme and Design

The game has a football theme, which is self-evident but worth mentioning. It has a contemporary design that isn’t what you’d expect from a 3-reel game. 

It has a nice design, and the majority of the symbols on the reels are footballs, whistles, boots, and gloves. When you look at the background image, you will notice the stadium’s spectators in the stands.

Final Words

In the end of this slot gacor Knockout Football Rush slot review, the game appears to be an above-average release. There are some of the highest payouts in a 3-reel slot, as well as exciting features like big multipliers and a 96.80% RTP.

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