Hot Hot Fruit Slot Review – RTP, Volatility & Bonus Features

hot hot fruit slot

The majority of fruit-themed slots are classics. Many slot players have abandoned it in favour of newer games. Habanero came up with something altogether different in the end. The public’s love for classic themes has been reignited by Hot Hot Fruit slot. The cherry, watermelon, and number 7 symbols will appear again, but this time in a different context.

Hot Hot Fruit Slot, Fruit Slot with a High RTP

hot hot fruit review

Hot Hot Fruit slot is one of Habanero’s Highest RTP Slot recommendations, having been released in 2019. Don’t overlook the fruit theme. Because of the high variance of this slot, you are unlikely to win frequently. Don’t be tempted to increase the size of your stake at the start of the game if you’re a beginner.


You can probably imagine where this slot’s gameplay will take you based on the name. Of course, Hot Hot Fruit slot is only a simple theme. Fruit-themed slot machines are nothing new to you. Fruit-themed slots can be found at both land-based casinos and online casinos. The distinction is that Habanero, because of its tremendous volatility, gives varying wins.

Various classic symbols appear across the top 25 paylines as the reels spin. From cherries to the number 7 sign, there’s something for everyone. The majority of slot players are familiar with each of these symbols.

The sole flaw with Hot Hot Fruit’s gameplay is the background music. Fruit slots’ musical accompaniment can be so bothersome for some players that they turn it off. In reality, the music and graphics in the game have been merged to make it easier to discover winning symbols.

Payline and Reel

Hot Hot Fruit slot is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot machine. This implies that you must bet on all available paylines. As a result, don’t go overboard. Before you truly get into the game, place a small bet.

Payments are made in two directions: left to right and right to left. Below, you’ll find all of the fruit symbols, bars, and the number 7. Know how much it’s worth when it’s all put together on the reel surface.


Hot Hot Fruit slot is a traditional slot with a fruity theme. Symbols for cherries, melons, lemons, bars, and the number 7 Each symbol has a different winning value for the gamer.

Bet Worth

To place a bet, you’ll need anywhere from $0.01 to $20. Each payline can be staked anywhere between 1 and 10 times the nominal bet. So, if you put up $ 0.01 per payline, you’ll need $ 0.15 in the capital. Furthermore, if you are bold enough to bet up to 10 times the bet value on each payline, you will need $3,000.

Bonus features

This slot has all of Habanero bonus features and symbols. From scatter to the multiplier, everything is available. The presence of wild and scattered symbols increases your chances of winning. It awards free spins or a multiplier when it is triggered. The free spins are triggered when three wild symbols appear. You can win a multiplier when playing free spins.

Variance and RTP

This slot is popular among slot players because it offers high payouts. The range is wide. Suitable for players who require large payouts in a short time.

Overall Hot Hot Fruit Review

Hot Hot Fruit slot is unlike any other fruit slot machine. Don’t focus on the RTP because it isn’t the only benefit of this slot. Fruit slots’ traditional symbols make it simple to form combinations. Furthermore, the numerous bonus features will boost the value of your winnings. You can test the demo slot on the internet before placing a bet.

This slot is now available on many betting sites, you can seach them on Google using specific keywords such as agen slot terbaik, trusted betting sites, etc.

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