GTA V Game Review

gta v

After previously being present exclusively for consoles, developer Rockstar North has finally officially released GTA V the newest and best game they have ever made for PC.

This is a contemporary open-world game that has actually become a favorite of PC gamers around the world. Entering its 6th year, it is still a favorite of gamers in various parts of the world, and during a limited period, it is available for free on the Epic Games Store. GTA V is now worldwide known in every single place.

It should be noted that its release for PC has drawn criticism because PC gamers feel ignored. Rockstar itself ensures that the release delay for PC is to maximize the performance presented by GTA V. Here’s our review.

GTA V Plot and Story

Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which takes gamers as the three main characters. The three of them are not directly related at the beginning of the story, and gradually the players will realize that they have something in common. If you’ve played the GTA IV expansion before, you’ll have a similar gaming experience.

However, that similar taste really only lasted a moment. When starting to act in Los Santos, the game city of this game, players can experience a city with residents who have pretty good AI. This can be seen when the interaction between the extras you meet along the way, as well as when the main character interacts.

The city of Los Santos seems to have many interesting places to visit, both in the city and in mountainous areas and beaches. Apart from that, this game has two different lives, day and night. Yes, this game provides a day and night cycle feature.

GTA V Concept and Gameplay

In GTA V, players can do whatever they want, and not just create chaos on the highway, to make players deal with the police. Players can also visit nightclubs, take a train or tram, swim on the ocean floor, or take an airplane. Not only that, players are also given ways to get money apart from robbing, namely by owning shares on the stock exchange.

The characterization of each main character in Grand Theft Auto V is very precise. The reason is, in addition to having their own stories, their character and speaking style do look very different and distinctive. For example, Franklin with a style of speech that cannot be separated from the use of the words homie and nigga, including the environment around him with the same race.

Game Details:

DeveloperRockstar North
PublisherRockstar Games
Genre Action
PlatformPC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Release datedDecember 17, 2013
PriceUSD $23.59
Official Site

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