Fifa 17 Review: The Soccer Boy Game

The fifa 17 review, this is so familiar for boy ears. Fifa 17 as the part of best PS4 multiplayer games. So, this game has a sport genre. This sport is football, football looks familiar and clingy with the boy. 

From now on, the boy’s spare time will be filled with football virtual. Because, PlayStation 4 is one platform about this game FIFA 17. This game “Fifa,” is always criticized around people in the world. Because, the developer of FIFA is always taking a less risk with the new innovations. 

This image is like, “safe play.” Maybe this is a strategy from developer decreased under-selling. But, You always enjoy it because the developer gives several points of reshuffle. Do not be late to try PS4 multiplayer games after this article fifa 17 review. 



This is all about the reason You must be playing about fifa 17. Not only because the fifa 17 review is best, You need to feel it the game by real time. It is for You, about the list all reason to play fifa 17 PS4 multiplayer games, as follow as: 

The new engine so fresh and cold 

So, the reason You need to play fifa 17 is because the new engine was so fresh and cold. Fifa 17 uses the frostbite engine and gives all players physics simulations. You can feel it when You play fifa 17 first. So, You can imagine this condition! 

The controlled players are so responsive, this difference with the series before or fifa 16. Fifa 16 looks like floating. You can see the floating in this game more heavy and realistic, that is such an amazing and good job for the developer of fifa 18. 

You can see the playing ball of a thin body with a stock body, there is a big difference between thin and stocky. The physics simulation is more perceptible than before, it is very good. But, this simulation makes changes like easy player injuries. This is fifa 17 review, You can try it now! 

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Dead ball make you feel good 

EA developers never promise to change the dead ball system. Now, in this fifa 17 review discuss it, because there is a truth in fifa 17.  These are really amazing games! 

PS4 multiplayer games, fifa 17 overhaul most dead ball systems. The changes like free kick, penalty kick, and corner. 

All action is controlled 

Now, this time talk about the gameplay of PS4 multiplayer games. So, fifa 17 has made little progress. Why? Because now fifa 17 controlled more precision from the prequel. It’s gotta be better than before. 

In the past or before fifa 17, it was more difficult to provide a remote feed or kick in a tight corner. But, from now on fifa 17 gives you comfortable ball control. Although, You use the players with high accuracy to kick a ball. 

Bait and gastric breakthrough more accurate. Because of this, You can do the unexpected. With fifa 17, You felt full control in the field and no luck when You play this, because the control is better than before, full controls in your hands. The lucky always beside You, little! 

Not only that, in fifa 17 You can tactic customize more details. You can customize pressing, crossing, line of defense position, or etc. You can modify this all. 

More features 

Fifa 17, PS4 multiplayer games has more features than before this series. So, many features in fifa 17 this article can’t mention one by one the features fifa 17 in here. 

But, here gives You the image of fifa before fifa 17, the past features likes tournament, career mode, and season reappears. FUT still here, which all contains about grinding and micro transactions! 

For the license side, fifa 17 excels at it and Japan league license addition has made fifa 17 more better than before. 

The other feature is streaming video in special sessions. For these features, there is a mini series “Live action,” discussing a wide range of topics. The example topic is FUT characteristic good to target. 

You can play these PS4 multiplayer games in spare time with your friends or families, strat from now on! Do not be late to join and have fun with these games. 

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The journey was good 

So, the best features in fifa 17 is the journey. At this time, the journey it’s same with career mode coupled with little narrative story. The journey was made with intention and solid! The visual was so good in the journey, especially in the cutscene. 

The interesting story in the journey is You are invited to be a footballer from a beginner to a league player. That sounds good! You can play this with your friends and families now. Do not be late to play PS4 multiplayer games! 


Now, You must know about the fifa 17 game details. This article give you the fifa 17 review game details, PS4 multiplayer games, as follow as: 

  • Developer : EA Vancouver, EA Romania
  • Publisher : EA Sports
  • Platform : PlayStation 4  
  • Release dated : September 27 (NA) & 29 (WW), 2016
  • Price :  USD $10.49
  • Links : at Amazon E-commerce