Top 7 Best Android Games in Indonesia

Best Android Games in Indonesia

Best android games in Indonesia, various types of games are offered by Android smartphones for free. This often makes Android users confused. Therefore, consider the best Android games in Indonesia which are the most loved.

It has been suggested that online games are effective at increasing mental acuity and driving away boredom. The presence of online games has colored the lives of gamers. So that you don’t get more curious, it would be nice to listen to the reviews below. Check this out!

7 Best Android Games in Indonesia

Playing games actually provides entertainment in itself. Well, below are 7 of the best Android games in Indonesia that are suitable for choice.

1. Garena Free Fire-World Series

Free Fire is a game called battle royale and has light specifications. It cannot be denied that Free Fire is one of the best android games in Indonesia. In the game, it starts with the player being dropped from the plane with other players. Then can determine the desired landing location.

Players can pick up weapons and battle supplies that are scattered throughout the map. So that it can fight and survive at the same time. In one session the Free Fire game was filled with 50 players. Where all players will be spread out in a fairly narrow map size.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best Android Games in Indonesia

Who doesn’t know the MOBA Mobile Legends game, now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the number one choice for iOS and Android smartphone users. The fact is that the Mobile Legends game has succeeded in attracting the attention of gamers in Indonesia since 2016.

Players are free to choose 1 hero they want to play with the team to destroy the opponent’s base. The game only ends when the base of one team is destroyed.

3. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy genre game with the theme of castle defense. Game developer Supercell designed buildings in Clash of Clans with solid defenses. However, players have to build watchtowers, defensive walls, and cannons themselves. This includes recruiting troops such as archers, dragons, goblins, and barbarians.

4. State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration

State of Survival is a zombie-themed game that comes packaged as a shooter game. Players fight zombies using their respective strategies. In addition, trying to maintain his survival as well as the players in a team.

Even though it carries a zombie theme, the State of Survival game can be played by anyone and doesn’t look scary. The popularity of State of Survival led the video game to collaborate with the big screen series The Walking Dead.

5. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade has been named as one of the building games with RTS gameplay aka Real Time Strategy. Initially this game was known as Rise of Civilization.

Basically it is similar to the game Clash of Clans, where players alliance with other guilds to drive out enemy guilds. Another task that can be done is to protect objects that are in the area of ​​control. This is because all these objects provide various benefits, for example, gems.

6. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best android games in Indonesia that features anime-like environments and characters. Genshin Impact is an action-RPG genre game equipped with a combat system.

The battles in Genshin Impact require controls that require players to be agile. Especially when pressing various skill and command buttons to eradicate enemies.

7. PUBG Mobile – KARAKIN

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale themed game. When you participate in the match, you will be one of the passengers of the plane carrying 99 players.

Then the passengers will freefall so they can loot weapons, bombs and blood. In essence, every player must survive and attack the enemy to be the winner. Learn how to take advantage of a game by logging in and playing on the best and most trusted judi online.

That is my review of the Top 7 Best Android Games in Indonesia that I can convey to readers, hopefully it will be useful and become an inspiration to get a lot of money. / Aha

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