Battlefield IV Review: Enthusiast Games

You need the FPS games? You can know here battlefield IV review. The battlefield IV is one most popular FPS game in PS4 multiplayer games. This game must focus on multiplayer games. This game does not always apply to the single player. 

Battlefield IV review, give You about the common perception in gamer sees. Not only that, the identity of battlefield IV as a part of best PS4 multiplayer games is strengthened when this game launches the new release series. 

Let alone, this game gives all gamers with the new development much different from the series in the past. So, when You have a curious feeling, play it. You can see the review in this article. Do not be late to try this game! You can enjoy this battlefield IV review with your friends. 



Firstly, You will know about the plot of battlefield IV, from battlefield IV review. So, this is the battlefield IV PS4 multiplayer action games plot. You can share this information with your partner. 

6 six years after the big incident in battlefield 3, the Tombstone squad got away from Azerbaijan and the squad leader named Dunn. He got away from Azerbaijan with an important intelligence, to discuss the military revolt in Chinese.  

But Dunn instead was trapped under the water canal, because many Russian troops were chasing Dunn. Because of that, Dunn was trapped and injured. 

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Dunn told the squad to run away and find the right help from people. Finally the squad found their commander, his name is captain Garrison. 

There is still a lot of image for this plot, when You are curious about this game. You can play it on PlayStation 4. PS4 multiplayer games are so beautiful and make You happy when you play it with your friends or partner. 

Do not be late to get this PS4 multiplayer games, because this game is so recommended. You can get more experienced when you play it! 


So, for this time You can get more information about the battlefield IV, PS4 multiplayer games. You can get more information here and share this information with your friends now. You can make this article for considered the game, its suitable to claim! 

So, this is a list for the review, as follow as: 

Role playing games 

One thing that makes Battlefield series different from others FPS games is this game has a design to describe the battle situations that requires cooperation between gamers and not show the greatness of each individual.

This system is built to offer alternative points for each action You take. Not only attacking and killing enemies from the opposing team, but also playing the role needed to make a significant contribution in the battle. The same formula that remains in Battlefield IV.

The map in the game is very wide and opens to a variety of game battles. In fact, the important goal here is not to kill all enemies, but to contribute for your squad and the power of cooperation. Although all people in the squad provided weapons to protect themselves. 

These PS4 multiplayer games put forward the side of the struggle squad in game. You can imagine this is such a wonderful and epic game. 

More massive 

This game not only has epic games, but the modes in this game like single player and multiplayer mode can feast for the eyes. Approximately 10 maps You can see and enjoy in this game. These are amazing views. 

Every design in this game will make your eye trapped in it. You must taste the beauty of games. Not only that, this game provides all maps with attractiveness, the map here will be adapted to the needs of the game players. 

This game always provides the high place to You to adjust to the mainstay sniper shot. So, You can imagine how good this game was at this time! Do not be late to use this game and play it when You get the partner game. 

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The important features 

Now, battlefield IV comes with the levolution features. What is that? Levolution is a map that dynamically describes a location and can be manipulated. Sounds good! 

How to manipulate the map? You can take action and this thing causes reactions. This features so high and makes You in a position of craze. 

Levolution can make a new experience for this time. Maybe, before it You do not see this feature in other games. In this game, You can see in real time and You can see elegant destruction. Do not be late to see this! How fun this game was when you were playing it with your friends! 


At this time, You can have more information from this battlefield IV review. Firstly, You can get information about game details PS4 multiplayer games, as follow as: 

From this article battlefield IV review game details, do You need a feel to claim this game? Do You need to play PS4 multiplayer games with your friends or partner games? You can get it in the PlayStation 4 store.